All MedReady devices automatically dispense medication to patients up to 4 times per day, and hold up to 28 doses of medication. Cellular Models MR-357(FL) and Land-line Models 1750(FL) transmit compliance data to MedReady’s data center. If the patient does not take their medication in a certain amount of time (set by caregiver), the device notifies the  MedReady’s data center which then notifies caregivers via text messages, email, and automated phone calls.  The MR-357(FL) cellular model is our advanced monitored dispenser which allows full control of the device from any internet connection;  The patient does not need internet, WiFi, or a land-line for the cellular MR-357(FL) model.  MedReady manufactures non-monitored standalone dispensers (Models 1700 and 1700FL) that are also very effective and popular.   Our product line has a full range of products for most needs. We also have a complete spare parts catalog below.  MedReady is manufactured in Torrance, California.


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