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1700PRN Instructions

MedReady Instructional Setup Video Monitoring instructions

If you purchased a Landline or Cellular Dispenser, this will show you how to navigate the portal .

MedReady Lock Assembly video

Did you disassemble the lock and need help putting it back together? View the MedReady Lock assembly instructions.

MedReady Gear Replacement Video

If the tray was forced and no longer rotates, you may have ordered a Gear Replacement Kit. View the Gear Replacement video.


The alarm will not shut off.
The white T-BAR was down when the top was put on and/or the door on the lid was not closed. See instruction # 8.
The alarm(s) do not work.
The alarms were not properly activated.   See instructions #5 and #6.
The alarm(s) rings but the tray does not rotate
The battery is not plugged in. See instruction # 1. To test the battery, disconnect the A/C power, and ONLY the colon should be blinking.
The medication is in the wrong cup or dispensed incorrectly
The medication was not loaded properly, the dispensing times are wrong, or the dispensing times are not armed correctly. Check that the dispensing time set is the right time for the medication. Refer to instructions #4, #5, and #6
Alarm lights are blinking
Early dose was triggered, depress Alarm 2 and 3 buttons for several seconds
Display shows ‘OFF’
Depress the Hour button by itself for several seconds to return to the clock.
Clock Digits not on
The device is not getting A/C power.  Check the A/C adapter and make sure it is plugged into a live outlet.  The clock digits will appear when it is connected to power.
Time Won’t set on Cellular Monitored Device
Depress the AM/PM Button until the clock goes mostly dark. Do not press any more buttons. Wait 5 minutes for the local time of day to appear. If this does not work, remove the battery and A/C for 1 minute, insert battery and A/C and wait 30 minutes for the clock to acquire the local time.
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