MedReady 1700 Free Shipping

$ 149.00

MedReady 1700 Free Shipping

(3 customer reviews)

$ 149.00

The Medready 1700 Medication Dispenser is a non-monitored automatic pill dispenser with alarm.

Free Shipping to USA.


This MedReady 1700 comes standard with the Lower Frequency alarm which from our experience is much easier to hear. MedReady 1700 Package comes complete with A/C Adapter, Rechargeable Battery, Medication Tray, Blue Locking Lid, 2 keys, and loading rings for 3x and 4x per day dosing. This dispenser holds up to 28 doses of medication and can dispense from 1 to 4 times per day. Each dispensing compartment can hold up to 9 M&M size pills. This is a non-monitored dispenser.

Note: Many customers choose to purchase 1 or more accessories such as a Combo Tray and Cover for Pre-Filling (5310), or extra keys (6308-K), etc… Please visit the accessories section for a complete list.

3 reviews for MedReady 1700 Free Shipping

  1. Marianne (verified owner)

    What a fantastic and high quality product. It has save the day for my family! It works, unlike a product that I purchased earlier from XXXXX (redacted to not smear our competition). It is so easy to use and manage. I love the flexibility of a second tray with a lid. That saves me tons of time managing the meds. as I can fill the tray at home and then head over to my brother’s house and swap out the trays in less than a minute. THANK YOU!!! GREAT PRODUCT.

  2. Bridget Y (verified owner)

    One Amazing machine!
    I purchased this after having numerous problems with a smaller device from another company. This device is large, but it is actually a benefit – my patient does not try to tamper with his “flying saucer” as he did with the other machine. He also used to remove the batteries or pry up the cover, and neither of those happen with the MedReady!
    I like having the flexibility of up to 4 alarms. I also have heard such positive comments from VNA, and other agencies that visit him regularly. This device can help him be independent and SAFE, and those are two very important things to us.

  3. Maria R (verified owner)

    This pill dispenser has been a lifesaver. My mom kept forgetting to take her medications & there were times that she would double dose because she would forget that she had already taken her meds. This dispenser eliminated that problem. My mom’s health has improved a great deal because she is able to take her medications at the same time everyday. I called the phone # the staff was extremely helpful. It’s a GREAT product and worth every penny. We are very happy with it

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