Combo Tray and Clear Plastic Cover for Pre-Filling

$ 18.00

Combo Tray and Clear Plastic Cover for Pre-Filling

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$ 18.00


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Medication can be preloaded into this tray and then covered with a snap-on clear plastic lid.  When it’s time to reload the dispenser, the empty tray can simply be switched out with the loaded tray.  Note that this option comes with both the tray and the clear plastic lid.

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2 reviews for Combo Tray and Clear Plastic Cover for Pre-Filling

  1. Ed Quint (verified owner)

    Very helpful having it pre-loaded to swap out instead of sitting in the retirement home tirelessly loading a weeks worth of pills (4 doses a day)

  2. fjumed (verified owner)

    As a caregiver I really enjoy the ability to preload the patient’s next week worth of pills into a spare tray when I have the time to do it. I can do this task at my leisure; plus the pills stay in the individual compartments when you pop the clear lid onto the tray. The extra tray makes life so much easier to now already have a preloaded tray ready to go. I simply unlock the unit, lift out the empty pill tray, pop off the clear tray lid from the prefilled tray, drop in the prefilled tray, reclose the unit and lock it. I am done in under 10 seconds !! Great time saver.

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