MedReady Receives AT&T and Verizon Approval for their Medication Dispensers.

October 3rd, 2019

Torrance, CA

MedReady is pleased to report their cellular enabled Medication Dispenser (MR-357FL) has received the CTIA-PTCRB regulatory approval for 4G on AT&T and Verizon Networks.

PTCRB certification is required for cellular devices that are launched in North America. PTCRB certification enables MedReady to be used on ATT and Verizon 4G networks.  Certification also insures that no harmful radio emissions are emitted that could affect health or conflict with any other devices.

MedReady is now ready for the sunset of the 3G network in the United States that will adversely affect many Machine to Machine (M2M) devices causing them to lose the ability to communicate.

MedReady’s Automated Medication Dispensers transmit medication compliance data to its servers which alert caregivers and family members that medication has not been taken. Medication compliance data including, scheduled, taken, late, and missed doses are all captured to assist caregivers to adjust medication regimens accordingly to insure maximum medication compliance. Over the past year, MedReady’s clients have achieved a 96.7 medication compliance adherence record. Without MedReady, compliance is estimated to be less than 50%.

 About MedReady, Inc.

MedReady, Inc is a Torrance-CA based manufacturer of automated medication dispensers.   Established in 1999, MedReady is the leader in automated medication dispensers with more than 100,000 devices in service, operating in over 10 countries. The majority of its manufacturing suppliers are local to Southern California, and they are proud to manufacture their products in the USA. MedReady is a zero waste manufacturing facility. MedReady also operates a Level 3 data center to communicate with their cellular and landline monitored devices, and also alerts caregivers when there is a medication non-compliance event. For more information, please visit


To learn more, please contact

Grant Stephanoff   MedReady Inc.   2103 Border Avenue  Torrance, CA  90501    Office: (310) 328-7557


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