MedReady, Inc. Announces 96.7% Medication Compliance Adherence

For Immediate Release

April 27, 2015

Torrance, CA

MedReady is pleased to report the following Medication Compliance Adherence Level is 96.7% using the Cellular Enabled Automated Medication Dispenser:

 Approx 200,000 doses dispensed

  • 85.6% doses taken on time
  • 11.1% doses taken after caregivers were notified that the patient was late taking their meds.
  • 3.3% doses missed

MedReady finalized and compiled data for the past year to gather metrics surrounding its cellular monitored automated medication dispensers.   The MedReady automatically dispenses medication to patients up to 4 times per day, and then transmits compliance data to MedReady’s data center when the patient takes their medication. This data transmission is achieved by an onboard cellular module that communicates to MedReady’s data center.   If the patient does not take their medication in a certain amount of time (set by caregiver), the device notifies MedReady’s data center that in turn notifies caregivers via text messages, email, and automated phone calls. The caregiver then contacts the patient and insures the patient takes their medication. If that dose is still not taken it is recorded as missed.

The World Health Organization reports that only around 50% of people typically follow their doctors orders when it comes to taking prescription drugs – and the rates are lower for certain medical conditions. 23% of Nursing Home admissions, and 10% of hospital admissions are due to medication non-compliance, costing approximately $46.5 Billion in costs, and affecting nearly 4 million patients annually in the United States. Increasing compliance to 96.7% by using MedReady could virtually eliminate the negative economic impact, and also improve the quality of life for many by allowing the elderly to age in place at home.

New MedReady Products:

MR-357FL C7 – Automated Medication Dispenser with 3G communication.

This Device has the same functionality of the MR-357 enhanced with 3G capabilities. It is widely known that AT&T will sunset their 2G service in the near future and MedReady has announced the new MR357 C7 device which communicates via 3G networks. All users of the 2G Machine-to-Machine (M2M) devices operating in the USA will need to retool/replace their devices to mitigate this 2G sunset. MedReady is equipped move forward without any interruptions in service.

1700PRN – As Needed Dispensing.

The MedReady 1700PRN dispenses medication for the typical PRN medication regimen. PRN dispensing simply limits the time between doses. This dispenser lets you preset the minimum time between doses from 15 minutes to 24 hours. Upon accessing a single dose of medication, a preset countdown display indicates the amount of time before the next dose is available. When this timer reaches 0:00, the next dose becomes available.

 About MedReady, Inc.

MedReady, Inc is a Torrance-CA based manufacturer of automated medication dispensers.   Established in 1999, MedReady is the leader in automated medication dispensers with more than 100,000 devices in service, operating in over 10 countries. The majority of its manufacturing suppliers are local to Southern California, and they are proud to manufacture their products in the USA. MedReady is a zero waste manufacturing facility. MedReady also operates a Level 3 data center to communicate with their cellular and landline monitored devices, and also alerts caregivers when there is a medication non-compliance event. For more information, please visit



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